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Season 4 Episode 3

Sweet Jesus I thought we finally got rid of this. I adore Eric, but I want to smack something every time I hear it.

I just want to know what kind of person drives away from a 6’4” shirtless man.

I guess Eric has the amazing talent of going through closed windows…but whatever.

And Sookie is a moron. Who thinks that GETTING OUT OF THEIR VEHICLE AND RUNNING, is faster than stepping on the gas in your car when you are against a VAMPIRE.

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# 4x02

Season 4 Episode 1

I would say we got off to an okay start but I’m not even complaining. I think it is a little hard to pull off especially since they threw us for a loop with this whole time passed nonsense. But it was a start to get us grounded and I think this season is going to be amazing.

I love how unimpressed Sookie always is about being fae and everything involved with it. Although I’m pretty sure it’s the general opinion. 

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