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S3 Character Highlights: Eric

S3 Character Highlights: Russell

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S3 Character Highlights: Summer

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Eels - Fresh Blood

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Season 3 Episode 11

I like how Beeyul easily believes this because it should be true. But Sookie has brain damage.

BEEYUL IS YOUNGER THAN PAM. (So dear writers, go fuck yourself, then learn to read. I mean you can’t just leave Beeyul alone can you? Give him power over Pam, Eric, Sookie, everyone, when he is worthless and has no power other than lies. I’m really getting tired of your bullshit.)

Pam’s line was awesome though.

Good stuff.

As if I didn’t love her enough already.

Shove it. You’re just pissed because he doesn’t want your incomplete sentenced Estonian ass for anything other than sex.

Both of you can DIAF.

Hey writers, thanks again for FUCKING UP another relationship. Sookie is the closest human being to Pam, and she would not pull this stupid crap.

When Yvetta talks, I laugh.


I love how Pam is continues to be pure awesome, regardless of circumstances.

The smoke looks cool, and “downshift, boyfriend” is going to be added to my phrases.

This made me jump about a foot.

*SPOILER* But if you haven’t read the books you won’t get it because I’m still going to be cryptic for your sake. I think he may be what Diantha is.


He is so sweet, it’s ridiculous.

He even walks sexy. Seriously. The little foot swing thing. NOMZ.


Loved the line and the way he said it.

Excuse me, but how is that begging? This line makes no fucking sense.

Lump of muscle that is for sure. He may have a blood grudge, but you are the one carrying around a jar full of blood.

THESE LINES. 1) The way he said them 2) Put into a different context, HOLY MOTHER.


Is this supposed to be a ringtone specific to Pam? It’s adorable, but he got a call from her when Lafayette was driving his new ride and it was a different ringtone.

OH HELL MOTHERFUCKING NO. If you are talking about yourself in third person Beeyul, then that is correct. I will list and compare the stupid fucking shit you have done, and the amount of times you have put Sookie in danger to the number of times Eric has saved Sookie. And how he continues to. You are right about one thing, YOU ARE NOTHING LIKE ERIC, you waste of blood.

Dear brain damaged Sookie, (or whoever is writing her lines) STOP CONTRADICTING YOURSELF EVERY 2 SECONDS. You love Beeyul, but you can’t trust him although you want some lame ass teacher/college bullshit future. You are scared of him, yet you fuck him. You are sick of him, yet you keep seeing him. Either be stupid, or be the book Sookie. This back and forth is confusing and makes no sense.

STFU. There have been plenty more real moments with Eric.

More with the contradictions. If you believe that, then why in Godric’s name are you in the car with Beeyul?


HALT. Sam, I’m fine with your rage and treating everyone like shit, UNTIL you go after the sweetest person ever. Terry is so good to you. NOT COOL.

Oh hai, now he’s being funny again. Sam’s easy for me to forgive. Probably because I love him so much in the books. And Arlene and Holly are pretty annoying.

As much as I enjoy looking at Kitch, what exactly is the point of this storyline? Jason has a backstory, which is also boring as hell, probably because I can’t stand Crystal and her acting, but this was a waste of time.


HAHAHAHA. This shit was hilarious. I don’t like Summer, but whoever plays her is awesome. She is always cracking me up.


Tara and Andy talk…okay. And was there a point to that scene? Other than for us to watch Tara’s lip quiver and her eyes bug out?

So torn on this. I felt glad for Sam, but I also love me some Tommy.

IS THAT SO “SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN”? Talk about the need to piss all over everything. Control issues.

The pure stupidity of this blows my mind.

Sookie needs to Beeyul with it. He is straight chillin, and she is flipping shit. Awesomeness.

Eric has to bend so far down. HERP DERPPPPPP

I love strings of dialogue such as “cocky bullshit motherfucker”

This was weird, and oh hai Beeker.

Notice that Beeyul is perfectly placed on the graffiti that says burn in hell.

I would just like to note, Beeyul’s two hands to Eric’s one.

Putting the fangs away was funny.

This scene was a waste of time.

Poor kittehhhh!

Brilliant lighting.



Tommy…don’t disappoint me.

Carrie is adorable and all, but the point of this was…

Poor Terry :[

Hotshot storyline seems to be intact more or less.

I’m with you Russell. MENDACIOUS. I’m going to be stealing this word.

MUWAHAHA! Although Arlene is probably going to continue to try to mess things up.


Shut up.

Bless his beautiful undead heart.


I would like this angle on Eric always please.

It’s convenient that again Sookie is passed the fuck out or whatever she is doing, while Eric is saving her dumbass.


I know this review is so late, but NO ERIC IS NOT GOING TO DIE. SERIOUSLY? Come on. Russell will burn faster anyways since he is older.